As of 2020 I will be billing for tuition at the end of each month. This encourages families not only to take a sick day
when your child is feeling unwell - without having to worry about a reimbursement or make-up day - but also allows
families some flexibility if they choose to take a long weekend or an off season vacation. 

The total days the child attends during that given month will be calculated at the end of the calendar month.
A tuition bill will be sent home in your monthly parent folder. Tuition is due upon receipt of this invoice. 

Tuition is $30 day for a half day program of 4 hours.

The total number of days of full-time child is approx. 180 school days a year (36 weeks). 

Part time schedules are available, as well as full time. 

Please work out your child's schedule preference with me prior to enrollment. 

If you wish to change your child's schedule at any point during the year, just reach out to me and I will do my best to accommodate!