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​"I have no special talent. I am only
passionately curious". Albert Einstein

I provide a hands-on, theme-based preschool curriculum geared towards fostering children’s development in literacy, math, science, creativity, and both large and fine motor skills. I also facilitate in the growth of the children’s social and emotional development, and their conflict resolution skills. The foundation of my program is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment, built on positive relationships.

I implement strategies from The Creative Curriculum, as well as other age appropriate theme based teaching resources, when planning. The Creative Curriculum was developed by Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood (TS Gold), an observational tool used by Jeffco Public Schools to measure the progress of each child. The same academic standards used in Jeffco Schools, TS Gold, are those utilized for my lesson plans.

I try to incorporate the latest research and best practices to take the needs of each child into account. I offer developmentally appropriate practices from multiple resources  in order to provide a well rounded program designed for the 1-2 years before entering kindergarten.


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